Moral Kung Fu

The Reward We All Need

If the world’s law-enforcers were persuaded that they could be better paid, more respected, and enjoy more satisfying family lives by ignoring people who create neither victims nor injured parties, the politicians would cease to be a serious threat to the average citizen. While this wouldn’t solve all of our social problems, it could open the door to a future of peace, prosperity, and freedom thus far unseen in world history.

I Propose…

While Robert frequently appears on Facebook soliciting small donations for the support of his work, I think he deserves a much better outcome. Here’s what I would do if I could afford a mere $50,000 to support his cause:

  1. I would get him out of his car (where he is currently living) and into a place where he could relax for a few weeks while receiving the medical treatments he needs to recover from his injuries and loss of health induced by police brutality.
  2. I would buy him a vehicle capable of transporting him and a couple of videographers cross country for the creation of a “reality road-show”.
  3. I would arrange for him to visit as many as 100 county sheriffs who have identified themselves as embracing the slogan “No victim = No crime” (I have access to the list). In his visits with them he would teach them to use their own moral principles as a basis for moral policing, and how they can transform their organizations into highly respected community service companies. This step alone would dramatically reduce the incidence of police suicides, alcoholism, drug addictions, and domestic violence. Once a few counties adopted this method, it is likely many others would see the advantages and benefits of following suit.
  4. The video-documentary that would be produced from that tour would highlight the method by which this historical turning-point is being created, and detailed training events would be promoted to make the method widely known. It would be hosted on the website moralkungfu.com along with a number of related resources that could be used to amplify the effectiveness of the transformation.

I know that the funding of this effort will benefit from the establishment of a so-called crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing campaign. It takes resources of time and money to make this happen and the development of this capability is on my list of high-priority tasks to be undertaken as soon as possible, However, for that plan to be manifested a more urgent problem has to be resolved – that of keeping Robert alive long enough to mount the campaign. Given his injuries and state of ill health, I have serious doubts that he can last that long, so I’m asking everyone I know to chip in now to get him off the road and out of harm’s way while we create the infrastructure to propagate his potentially historic discovery on a worldwide basis. Meanwhile, I am actively assembling a team of videographers, online marketers, web-masters, and other key personnel who are ready to conduct this effort under the banner,

“Civilization Done Right – at Last”

If we can’t get law enforcers to recognize the rights of peaceful people, there is little hope for the future of our species. I suspect we will become extinct within a generation. On the other hand, if even a few people of means respond to the need, there is a very real possibility that the apparent death-wish of today’s humanity can be reversed.

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