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Action Item

This memo is not addressed to those who are barely getting by financially. If you are homeless or on welfare or unemployment, please ignore this final section. It is instead addressed to those of you who have been earning more than you spend – who have been accumulating cash, stocks, bonds, crypto-currencies, real estate or other assets. It is to you I am appealing for your support. I know how comforting it can seem to accumulate such wealth… AND… I have to ask, Where do you think you are going to spend or utilize all those resources? Are you satisfied to be living in a free-range insane asylum? Do you think your children and grandchildren are going to thrive in the emerging world? I’ll be blunt about it. If you yourself don’t do something about it, your progeny are very likely to be either slaughtered or enslaved. If that isn’t what you want, you can make a choice right now that could provide your kids and their kids with a great legacy. Free up a few thousand dollars to support Moral Kung-Fu and donate it today. Send it directly to Robert via PayPal, or, if you prefer, you can send it to me here, with a Landen tag, and I’ll see that it gets where it is needed.

If you do this, I promise to keep you in the loop – to keep you apprised of our progress in freeing the world from legalized banditry. If you have questions, you can reach me by email via or you can friend me on Facebook and contact me via Messenger. Either way, you have my undying gratitude for availing yourself of this spectacular but short-lived opportunity.

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