This is a portion of a recording of Robert Landen interviewing a celebrated state patrolman, who reveals that he routinely engaged in behavior that he knew is immoral, in that it brutally punished behaviors that had caused no harm – the punishment itself being an infliction of harm. When asked, point blank, if he can morally justify this behavior of his – based on his own moral principles, he confesses, “No. I can’t.”

The confession of a violent cop on camera is unheard of in modern times. Kudos to Robert Landen and to Joe Lopez, the cop who copped to his evil ways. They both deserve our appreciation.


If you agree that police brutality is evil and that those who do no harm should not be harmed by police, there are two things you can do that can help change the world:

1. Go HERE and cast a vote for the style of policing you want. The choices are:

Option A
is the Landen Approach based on sound moral principles and objectively valid ethics – the result of which is a level of freedom you’ve never known.

Option B
is the continuation of the current reality, in your county and elsewhere, whereby your entire life may be destroyed at any time at the whim of a lying psychopathic politician.

Just click on the paragraph describing your preference, and that will register your vote.

2. Then go HERE and make a donation to Moral Kung-Fu to give Robert Landen the means to carry on teaching us how to deal with violent cops, jailers, prosecutors, bailiffs and judges. His creation of MKF has the potential to revolutionize the very meaning of ‘policing’ and deserves to become widely known and accepted.

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