This site exist for a specific purpose – to promote PEACE by finding ways to persuade violent authoritarians, such as cops, guards, prosecutors, bailiffs, and judges, to refrain from the evil choice of physically or financially harming those who have harmed NO ONE. We call this goal “Peaceful Policing”. We call its philosophy “the Moral Approach”, and we call the best verbal strategy for confronting authoritarians, “Moral Kung-Fu”.

It is a secondary purpose of this site to support the efforts of RobertLanden who first conceived the Moral Approach and who has been teaching it and experimenting with it at great cost to himself for the past several years.

It is highy likely that adequate support of this site could have a profoundly beneficial effect on millions of people. For an expanded explanation of this assertion, we refer you to civilizationdoneright.com and to titanians.org.

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