Here at moralkungfu.com we are taking a poll. We want to know what kind of “law enforcement” the public actually wants… as opposed to what politicians tell us we want.

Our fearless leader, Robert Landen is now running as a write-in candidate for Sheriff in YOUR county. His platform is quite simple:
“As your sheriff I will only enforce laws that protect the peaceful, who harm no one, from the violent, no matter the legality of the immoral harm being inflicted on the innocent.”

In practice this means:

~ No victim = no crime.
~ You will be protected against violent policing.
~ Smoke a joint – no problem. You will not be threatened with harm.
~ DUI with no victim – same deal.
~ Keeping the money you earn (“tax evasion”) - suit yourself.
~ Helping someone else keep what they have earned (money laundering) – not a crime.
~ Operating a business without a license – Good for you!
~ Feeding the homeless - Hooray!
~ Growing food in your front yard or collecting rainwater - not a problem.
~ Letting your grass grow tall – no penalties will apply.
~No more violent raids by armed deputies against those who have done no harm to others.
~ And most important, you will be vigorously protected against unaccountable officers who      routinely assault, beat, poison, electrocute, chain, cage, shoot, and kill innocent                      people with impunity.

To date, Robert Landen is the ONLY candidate for sheriff who offers this peaceful option. So here is our poll.

Buddy - the MKF Mascot

Buddy - the MKF Mascot

Which do you Want?

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